Payment Gateway and integration

The time you give to your clients to perform payment operations is crucial for your business to prosper. Since every payment is crucial for your growth, we will ensure that everything happens seamlessly.

Effective tools for this are the Payment Gateways and Payment Service Providers (PSPs) which are required to establish a contractual relationship with banks and their customers. These are technical solutions that transfers the information between online stores and card acquirers allowing a credit card payment to be completed. IT Fintech can integrate Payment Gateways and Payment Service Providers into your products to let them do the job for you. 

List of Payment Service Providers which we provide: 

  • Skrill/ MoneyBooker  
  • SafeCharge  
  • PayPal 
  • Fasa Pay  
  • Mpay  
  • PaySec  
  • AliPay  
  • SandPay  
  • Stripe Pay  
  • IAccount  
  • Coinbase  
  • ips