Custom Software

We offer the best tools, knowledge and management that will provide efficient and quality solutions according to your budget and timeframe. Our team is constantly self-improving to the latest knowledge in IT technologies and has experience in delivering cost-effective and reliable custom software solutions for companies from a broad array of industries.  Our goal is to create custom applications that work optimally for your business. 

Custom software development includes a large range of software-based solutions. Regardless of your needs: custom web development, stand-alone software applications, existing system integration/extensions, project recovery, or help using our software engineering knowledge, methods, or practices in your business, IT Fintech is prepared to fulfill your requirements. 

We will design the most appropriate solution to meet your needs, functionality, used business methods, etc… Based on your short and long-term desires, we build your software solutions scalable and flexible enough for easy adaptation to current and future industry. 


Our team of certified specialists develops IT solutions using the following technologies: 
  • Programming languages: C#, C++, Java, PHP, JavaScript
  • Frameworks: jQuery, Knockout.JS, SignalR, .NET, .NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, Angular, React, FIX 4.4, RabbitMQ 
  • UI/UX: Metronic Templates, Bootstrap  


We believe that teamwork is the main component to create great software, that’s why our team implement SCRUM. This set of practices will save you money and time by improving the flexibility of our products and giving opportunities to constantly update your ideas.  We aim to balance the relationship between quality, functionality, costs and time. Our engineers are constantly up-to-date about the ideas, principles and values resulted from our technical plan.